Antje Thompson is our piano, violin and theory teacher. She started playing piano at the age of 6 and violin at the age of 12. She studied music at the National School of the Arts with piano being her first instrument and violin her second. She continued a career in music teaching piano, violin and theory and performing in a violin/guitar duo at restaurants, corporate functions and weddings. She heads up our music program, Major on Minors, which focuses on teaching children between the ages of 3 and 6 the foundations in rhythm, note reading and technique on various instruments to prepare them for one on one lessons. Although she is classically trained, and believes in grading her pupils, she strongly feels that music should always be a joyous experience and not something that should be forced or become tedious for her pupils. Her goal is to always make sure that her pupils are experiencing music in a fun way that makes them want to play for their own joy.

Rosalee Grobler has been passionate about music since she was young. She also has the amazing ability of bringing out the best in others both young and old. This passion is especially expressed through her love for teaching music and developing others to reach their full potential. Rosalee has Grade 8 piano from Royal Schools of Music which she achieved in Matric. She has ever since played piano in her local church and has also performed with various youth bands over the years. She has two sons who also have a love for music and enjoys seeing them develop in an area she has made part of her life.